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Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policy

Interlibrary Loan Policy
(Revised January 2013)

The Kountze Public Library participates in the Worldcat Navigator Interlibrary Loan program and is a member of the Texas Group. The library participates in this program as both a lender and a borrower.

Who is Eligible to Borrow?
  In order to use the ILL service, a library patron must be a cardholder of KPL, at least 18 years old and in good standing for a period of 1 year with no unpaid fines or unreturned overdue items on their record. Since materials borrowed must be returned to the lending libraries in a timely manner, those who have a history of overdues and/or fines or of damaging materials will not be considered for ILL borrowing. ILL requests must be made in person and an ILL request form completed.

How Many Items May Be Borrowed?
There is a limit of three (3) ILL requests total for any one person.  This includes requests that are pending, as well as materials that the user currently has borrowed through Interlibrary Loan.  Each ILL request must be made on a separate ILL form.

Items That May Be Borrowed
Books and photocopies of articles from periodicals not owned by the Kountze Public Library, or that are otherwise unavailable, may be requested for loan through interlibrary loan.

Items That May Not be Borrowed
Bound volumes or individual issues of magazines and newspapers, software, rare or archival materials are not available for lending by other libraries.  ILL may not be used for any title that is owned by KPL unless a copy is missing or lost. 

Requests that staff determine may violate copyright laws will not be accepted.

Kountze Public Library does not charge for ILL service, however we do require that a borrowing patron pay a $3.00 postage fee per title, payable at the time of checkout. This fee is charged solely to help defray the cost of postage. If a title is borrowed and is not picked up, we reserve the right to put the postage fee on the patron’s library account for later collection.

Fines for overdue materials, replacements and processing costs for lost, damaged, or stolen items, are the responsibility of the patron. Those costs vary according to the policies of the lending library

Although loans are usually processed within 2-4 weeks, we cannot put a definite time of arrival on any ILL since this is strictly dependent on the availability of the material from the lending library. Patrons should always allow at least 30 days to make sure that materials arrive in time for a specific project.  For some patrons, borrowing directly from another nearby library may be a preferable option.

 Due Dates
Each ILL item will have its own due date and the materials borrowed are time sensitive. Patrons must provide the staff with a valid phone and email address so that the staff can notify the patron when their materials arrive.

Materials are only checked out for 2 weeks, with no renewals available.

 Returning ILL Items
Materials not picked up by the patron by the date the item is due for return will be sent back to the lending library. The patron will still be charged for the $3 return postage fee. ILL materials must be returned to Kountze Library, not the lending library and may not be returned in the outside drop box.

The patron is responsible for specifying to the staff at the circulation desk when they return an interlibrary loan book.

 Our Library as a Lender

When KPL considers ILL requests from other libraries through Navigator, the following items will not be loaned:

 ·       Reference materials

 ·       Big Thicket or Texas collection materials

 ·       Genealogy or Hardin County history

 ·       GED study books or driver’s education materials 

·        Books that are out of print,

 ·       Books that are part of a series

 ·       Books that are under one year from publication date. 

·        Audio-visual materials (Books on CD or DVD movies)

Approved by the Kountze City Council February 21, 2013