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800 S.Redwood Ave., Kountze, Texas

In Loving Memory

Jerrie Read and Jewel Boyett were longtime Kountze Woman's Club members, library advisory board members and library supporters. The Children's section of the library was donated in honor of Vida Bevil Blair and family.


     In Loving Memory of

       Jerrie Read                                                                       Jerrie

Woman's Club of                                                    
Kountze &
 Woman's Club Library Board Treasurer




                        In Loving Memory of
                        Jewel Boyett
                       September 12, 1943 -
                    November 25, 2014


                          Woman's Club of Kountze
                           and past member of Library
                             Advisory Board
                                  In Loving Memory of Vida Bevil Blair
                                 August 30, 1924-January 28, 2013


                                 Lifetime member of the Friends of 
               Kountze Public Library. 
                             The Children's Section of the library 
                             was donated in honor of Vida Bevil Blair
                           and her family.   

In Loving Memory of 
Mary Lee Perkins
Mary Lee served as a faithful library volunteer
and supporter for many years before her
retirement. She will be missed .