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800 S.Redwood Ave., Kountze, Texas

Library Information

Library Cards

All borrowers must be registered and have a valid Kountze Library card in order to borrow library materials or to have access to the Piney Woods Digital Consortium's collection of e-books, e-audiobooks and videos.

Procedure for obtaining a library card:
 For Adult library cards: The adult must first show proper identification; then an application card must be completed. A Texas drivers license or picture I.D. is preferred; however, other types of official picture I. D.'s (bearing the name and address of the applicant) may be accepted, at the discretion of library staff. A local home telephone number is also required and a cell phone number, if applicable. Email addresses are requested. A local reference name and phone number of a person who does not live at the same address (in the same household) is required. Valid contact information is necessary in order for staff to reach patrons when necessary.

Children's library cards: 
An adult who is the child's parent, legal guardian, grandparent or relative with legal custodial rights must complete application cards for children under the age of 18. The adult must have proper I. D. and contact information. Cards are to be filled out with the child's name, address, contact information, and date of birth. The adult's driver's license/ picture I.D. will be used. 
  Students 16 or over who have their own Texas Drivers License/ Texas Picture I.D. may, at the discretion of the library staff, obtain a card on their own. They will be considered an adult and must provide all of the other required information as well. They are responsible for items checked out on their cards. 
   Library users are responsible for any materials checked out on his/her card and agree to pay fines and lost or damaged materials replacement costs. Card holders should contact the library immediately if their card is lost or stolen.
   Non-resident fees are not charged. 
Check Out
Library cards are scanned at checkout so please have your card ready to give the librarian. All materials may be checked out for a two-week period. 

Fines are 10 cents a day for books and audiovisual materials.

FAXING: Staff assists patrons with faxes. The cost is $1.00 per page outgoing and 20c per page incoming.

SELF-SERVICE COPYING: A public copier (black and white only) is available. Copies are 20 cents per page and can be paid for at the front desk.

DIVORCE PACKETS: For sale at $25.00 per packet. The library cannot accept personal checks or debit cards. 
WI-FI is provided free, 24/7

IN-LIBRARY DESKTOP COMPUTERS with Internet access are available. There is no charge for computer time, but copies made from the computers are 20c each. Copies are black & white only. 
Use of the library's computers is governed by an Internet policy approved by the City Council of Kountze.

See our Internet policy

Donation of Books
The library accepts book donations on a limited basis but requires a release signed by the patron. Prior permission from staff is preferred, due to very limited storage space. Books that are donated become the property of the library which determines how they will be used. Books may not be "revisited" by the donor. Materials we do not accept include Reader's Digest Books or magazines, outdated encyclopedias or National Geographic magazines. We ask that book donations not be left in the outside book drop or on the porch. We also ask that donations of materials not be left without prior permission from staff. 

Member of: Texas State Library and  
Connecting Texas Libraries Statewide (CTLS, Inc.)