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Bevil Meeting Room Policy and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Regarding Use of the Bevil Meeting Room

The Bevil Meeting Room was donated by Mary Louise Bevil McKee and Clyde V. McKee, Jr.

The Bevil Meeting Room Policy does not apply to events hosted or sponsored by Kountze Public Library or the City of Kountze.
Due to safety and security concerns
, meetings are only allowed during hours that the library is open unless attended by a City or Library employee or representative of the City or Library. 
   An application must be completed at the library by those who wish to use the meeting room.

 The Bevil Meeting Room is available in the Kountze Public Library, a department of the City of Kountze, primarily to support library programs and functions, which further the goals of the library. When not being used by the library, the Bevil Meeting Room is available to established, not-for-profit groups based in or serving Hardin County—eg. Team Cities, Kountze Woman’s Club, Foundation for Southeast Texas, etc. 
    Use of the Bevil Meeting Room is limited to groups engaged in educational, historical, cultural, intellectual, civic, or other charitable activities. 
    Proof of identity and a street address and phone number shall be required of all applicants.

Scheduling and Cancellations of the Bevil Meeting Room: 
 Except for library and library related programs, groups may not use the meeting room more than once each month; limited series of weekly or daily meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the library director.
The meeting room may be reserved up to 120 days in advance if not hindering any library programming. Library holidays may disallow use of the meeting room. 

Access and Fees of the Bevil Meeting Room:
Permission to use the Bevil Meeting Room includes access to the foyer, restrooms, and kitchen (for a fee) but not the library itself. Groups using the Bevil Meeting Room are required to set up for their meeting (please lift chairs and tables, do not drag), return furniture and equipment to its original location, check restrooms, empty trash into outside receptacle, vacuum if needed and generally leave the room clean and in good condition. 
   No smoking is allowed on City of Kountze property. 
  Groups are asked to refrain from burning candles in the meeting room. 
  No physical changes may be made in the facility except for the arrangement of furniture. No posters or charts may be taped, tacked or otherwise affixed to the walls of the meeting room. 
  A $50 deposit is required for use of the kitchen for light refreshments (kitchen may be used only for light refreshments). “Light refreshments” include such things as: hot and cold nonalcoholic beverages, snacks and foods not requiring on site preparation. Red-based punch or Kool-Aid is not allowed. No ice chests are allowed in the meeting room.
Library personnel will refund the deposit following inspection of the room.
  A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license or Texas ID will be attached to the application. A fee of $25 per hour will be charged for meetings during hours that the library is closed. Failure to vacate the building at the scheduled time may mean forfeiture of meeting room privileges. 
  General maximum seating is 30. 
  In the event that damage is sustained, a cost estimate will be presented before that group may use the room again (providing payment of damages has been taken care of.) 
Equipment and Supplies:
Meeting planners are encouraged to provide their own equipment.
The library cannot provide consumable supplies, such as pens and paper.
Equipment such as an overhead projector, slide projector, videocassette recorder etc. owned by the library can be used with prior permission. However, library staff will not be made available to run the equipment.
Dry-erase markers must be kept at the podium. Use of permanent markers or finger-paints anywhere in the meeting room is not allowed.

General Prohibitions:
No admission may be charged for activities, events, or programs in the Bevil Meeting room. 
Users of the Bevil Meeting Room may not solicit purchase of items or take orders for items. 
No for profit or commercial enterprises may use the Bevil Meeting Room. 
The Bevil Meeting Room is not available for parties, showers, and wedding receptions, or for commercial purposes. 
No collections may be taken before, during or after the meeting. 
Meetings, which would interfere with normal library activities and work because of noise and other factors, will not be permitted. 
  The use of a library meeting room is a privilege and not a right and is subject to the Library’s sole and exclusive discretion. Accordingly, the Library reserves the right to deny the use of the Bevil Meeting Room to any group. 
  Any publicity for a meeting that is not library sponsored must not carry the library’s phone number or imply that it is sponsored by the library or city. Library staff cannot be expected give details of meetings to be held in the Bevil Meeting Room by outside users. 
Admission may be charged for library related activities or programs.

  Items may be sold or displayed for sale for the advancement or support of    Kountze Public Library.

  Priority is given to the Kountze Public Library and the City of Kountze for use of the Bevil Meeting Room. 
  Use of the Bevil Meeting Room does not imply endorsement, support, or co-sponsorship by Kountze Public Library or the City of Kountze of the activities that take place in the meeting room or of the beliefs of the group using the meeting room. Groups or individuals using the meeting room may not imply that the event or program is sponsored, co-sponsored or endorsed by the library in any advertising or publicity. A copy of the group’s agenda must be posted on the community bulletin board prior to a meeting being held. Use of the Bevil Meeting Room will not be judged on the basis of any race, nationality or creed.
  Groups failing to comply with any part of this policy or the established procedures will be denied further use of the meeting room. A library staff member may be present at any time during the meeting.

Revision Approved by City Council of Kountze, Texas on November 21, 2013.

The City of Kountze/ Kountze Public Library is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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